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J O U R N E Y T O E X C E L LE N C E • J O U R N E Y T O E X C E L L E N C E • M a r k i n g a M i l e s t o n e : Brigham Receives Magnet Designation In 2018, the Brigham joined the 8 percent of hospitals in the nation that have achieved Magnet designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Magnet is considered the gold standard of nursing excellence and high-quality patient care delivered by an entire institution. Staff and leaders alike acknowledged that the journey to Magnet—led by clinical nurses—was as meaningful as receiving the designation. Approximately 240 nurses served as Magnet champions and played a vital role in preparing the hospital for its Magnet site visit by educating others about why the Brigham was deserving of this recognition. Many nurses described the site visit and the Magnet journey as a powerful, transformative experience that generated pride throughout the institution and enhanced collaboration. Three Exemplars for Excellence The Brigham was honored for three exemplars—which stand out as being above best practice—within its body of evidence. 1. Interprofessional Collaboration: The Frailty Identification and Care Pathway on Tower 8ABCD has resulted in a 30 percent decrease in risk-adjusted mortality; a 47 percent decrease in the major complications rate; and a decrease in the absolute delirium incidence rate from 50 percent to 26 percent. This exceptional initiative is being implemented in other units within the hospital. 2. Interprofessional Collaboration: Our response and leadership during the national shortage of IV-administered opioids yielded excellent patient outcomes and demonstrated incredible teamwork. 3. Available Resources: The Ethics Committee and accessibility of ethics resources for clinical nurses are shining examples of interprofessional teamwork and the support available to nurses throughout the Brigham. "There was such positive energy among staff, and we were truly excited to share what we do. The whole experience was uplifting." Josette Renda, BSN, RN Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

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